She is an American broadcaster and writer who has been dubbed

The Queen of All Media" from 2008 to 2022 and hosted the 

Nationally syndicated television talk show The Wendy Williams 

Show and Television. Previously, Williams was her radio

DJ Joe The host was and soon became known in New York as

The Shock Jacket and gained notoriety for his on-air spats with

Celebrities and the 2006 VH1 reality television series and was the 

Subject of the Loveliams Experience and his The radio

Broadcasts the events surrounding the show

Williams' other endeavors include numerous books 

Her comedy show tour which includes a fashion line

Her jewelry collection which includes her own product lines

Sincluding a wig line and Williams's appearance in 2009

National Radio Hall is and was done. On her 50th birthday, the council

Of Asbury Park, New Jersey renamed the

Street she grew up on Wendy Williams.