Joe Chanel West Coast was born on September 1, 1988, in Los Angeles

California, United States, and North Hollywood, they grew 

up with his mother and father in New York, and parents who grew up 

together. His father, who is of Russian Jewish descent and a disc 

jockey in nightclubs, and Penny Porsche, is of English descent 

was an adult film actress, and Chanel for two years at Taft High in

Woodland Hills before being homeschooled. went to school,

Joe Chanel grew up listening to rap songs and, at the age of 14,

began rapping after taking inspiration from Tupac Shakur's song "Jo 

Do You Want It He Joe" in 2008, he joined TV character Robb in 

2008 through Common Companions. Dudeck, and thereafter, 

Dierdeck offered the channel a position as their secretary, appearing 

in Hay and the MTV reality series Rob Durdeck's

 Fantasy Factory, and the series was later aired by MTV

for a second season. The renewed Hey Chanel made her acting

debut with the role of Sheila in the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ 

 Hey and episodes. She later had the series and turned into

primary cast member on Ridiculousness.