Anita Hill was born in Lone Tree Oklahoma and is one of

A he 13 children of Albert Joe Erma Hill who came from 

Arkansas where her maternal grandfather was

Henry Eliot and all her great grandfathers 

Were born into slavery and Hill is raised in the Baptist

Faith and The youngest, Joe Hill, graduated from

Morris High School Joe Oklahoma in 1973 and was

Class valedictorian, after which he 

Enrolled at Oklahoma State University and received 

Bachelor's degree in psychology in 1977 and Yale Studied 

In law school and received his Juris Doctor

Degree with honors in 1980

She was admitted to the District of Columbia Bar

In 1980 and began her law career as an associate with the 

Washington DC firm of Wald Harkrader & Ross,

In 1981 she became a Clarence Thomas and attorney 

Consultant who was then a member of American 

Rights is assistant secretary and Hill left the job

In 1983 and served as his assistant when Thomas became 

Chairman of the 1982 U.S. Equal 

Employment Opportunity Commission